Our vision of agriculture

Agriculture has been an important part of society since the beginning of mankind and will remain so in the future. We want to play an active role in shaping this future with our products and impress with our innovations.


Fewer and fewer farmers have to provide for an ever-increasing number of people. Skilled labor is becoming scarce and the consequences of this have been clearly felt in recent years.

Thanks to our autonomous field robots, much of the physical work is done by themselves. While the robots cultivate the fields, the farmer takes on supervisory tasks and has more time for other, enjoyable things.
Thanks to the unique modularity of our robots, one device can perform a variety of tasks. Our concept is therefore also in line with sustainability and goes hand in hand with the environment.

In summary, we at Agicu want to make agriculture even greener, but without forgetting the farmers and their efforts. There should be more time for the finer things in life while the work gets done. This is also reflected in our company motto "The Future of Farming is AGICU".