AGICU UG (haftungsbeschränkt) has its headquarters in Ingolstadt. Centrally located in Bavaria, the field robots are developed, tested and prepared for use all over the world.
Improving agriculture with our autonomous field robots is the vision and self-proclaimed goal of the company. Optimizing tried and tested processes and redefining them with intelligent systems is what AGICU is all about.



The strong team behind AGICU is led by the two managing directors Tim Knöferl and Johannes Rählert. Both are characterized by their in-depth knowledge of various areas of agriculture, technology and product development.

Tim Knöferl (left) 1st Managing Director and Head of Technical Development and Johannes Rählert (right) 2nd Managing Director 

The management is strengthened by a committed, young and motivated team that is able to tackle the challenges of product development together.

 Tim Knöferl

Founder and Managing Director of AGICU UG. Mainly responsible for the design and technical development of the robots. Trained bodywork and vehicle construction mechanic with experience in motorsport, various materials and agriculture.

                                  Johannes Rählert

Co-founder and second managing director of the company. Responsible for production, organization and talent for everything that arises in the day-to-day running of the company. As a trained automotive mechatronics engineer with experience in the development and testing of prototypes. Professional experience in autonomous driving and motorsport.