Our field robots have a modular design. The so-called substructure is the basic unit of every working machine. Various modules can be mounted on it, which are designed for different applications.  The AGIone is the first successful robot that we were able to develop.

The substructure is the robot's load-bearing module. It contains the fuel cell, the central control unit and the batteries. The front area can be opened using maintenance flaps, allowing the monitors on the control unit to be viewed. All relevant information can be called up on these.

The superstructure consists of various modules that can be interchanged depending on the application. The locking unit developed for this purpose ensures a secure and reliable connection between the superstructure and substructure. The rear power lift (Cat III) and the PTO shaft serve as a mounting space or drive unit for attachments.

You can find a compact summary of all the information in our current flyer: